Care & Clean Tips

Care Suggestions

Our goal is to bring you clothing that is perfect for your everyday! When you receive a product, be sure to look at the inside tag to see the care details and the fabric details. We find it best to wash all of our items in cold water, as this temperature will not alter or harm our garments. Many items denote 'hand wash cold' on the garment tag, but we have found that a gentle cycle or a delicate cycle on COLD with like colors will do the trick. We recommend hanging or laying flat to dry these pieces, after a gentle wash with a gentle detergent. Most items should dry within a 24 hour period, if hung or laid flat. The key to keeping your clothing for a long time is in the care, so treat your items with love and they will last. 

We do not recommend using a dryer to dry items, rather hang to dry or lay flat. Many of our items are either cotton blends or synthetic blends that include rayon or the ever-loved spandex. When you use heat on these fabrics, they break down faster than you will prefer and the life of your garment will be limited. Using high heat on even a natural fabric, like cotton, breaks down the threads in the fabric causing dullness, faded and stretching. For the best keeping of your clothes, use low temperatures, gentle wash, and gentle detergents. 

Dry cleaning your items is not necessary but will always yield the best result. 

We also recommend steaming your items over ironing. Using steam is a quicker and a less harsh use of heat on your garments and will release wrinkles quicker than an iron, especially on synthetic fabrics or blends. 

(Using cold water and less energy to dry your garments is also a kick-back to Mother Nature! Great for your clothing and great for the environment!) 


*If a garment is ruined by laundering in a way we did not suggest, we can not honor the damaged item as a return.