Size Inclusivity

We are always striving to bring more styles to Everyday & Co. This fall we have relaunched with a new mission to bring sustainable and responsibly sourced fabrics, natural fabrics and USA Made items into our store within our approachable prices and quality standards guidelines. With this we are trying new brands and vendors, some of which do not have extra small, petite or plus sizes  available. If there is an option for XS or plus size, we will include this style in our collection! If the option is not available, we have let our vendor know of our interest and our customers interest in providing a more complete inventory. 

We ask for your patience in building our plus size inventory back up with quality pieces we find. We do not want to cut corners with style or quality in order to provide a plus size. All of our inventory needs to meet our standards of quality and style. 

If there is a style that you love and would like to see something like that in your specific size, send us an email at and let us know! We want to stock the store that makes your everyday work best for you and your input is invaluable.